With our highly trained, skilled and professional personnel and resources, Paintoria has grown exceptionally well and guarantees each and every project we take on. 

We value each of our customers and treat their property with care and respect.

We believe that preparation is key to all painting and waterproofing projects. 

Painting of Ceilings

Painting of Walls

Painting of Window Frames

Painting of Doors and door Frames

Painting / treatment of Skirtings

Painting of Floors

Painting of  walls

Painting of Boundary walls

Painting of Palisades

Painting of Roofs

Painting of Gutters and downpipes

Painting of ceilings

Installation of new ceilings 

Ceiling repairs

Painting of floors

Painting of paving


Painting of workshop floors 

Painting of garage floors






Waterproofing of concrete slabs

Waterproofing of flat corrugated / IBR roofs

Waterproofing of corrugated / IBR pitched roofs

Waterproofing of tiled roofs

Waterproofing of balconies and parapets

Damproofing of walls


Rhinolite walls

Rhinolite ceilings